We build teams (a group of players forming one side and delivering best results for companies and the world)

by implementing projects and consulting

by connecting companies
with talents’ highest potential
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Every single thing in a company is about talents and how they play together. The number of combinations is limitless, thus we craft each project for the client individually. Here is how we usually play

Checking-up organization health
Based on 39 researches we designed a methodology that helps you receive an overview of how your company is doing and what can be enhanced. Oh, so many things to be revealed before the problem is detected and eliminated.
Building HR brand
Starting from deep research we develop Employer's Value Proposition, hr brand kit and create media plan for fostering brand strength. We support your media development as long as needed to build strong hr brand foundation.
Developing orgcharts
Whether you transform, grow or optimize we rebuild company's orgchart so that you have a tool that shows processes, hierarchies and people you need to hire.
Creating recruitment processes
To bring effectiveness and consistence to recruiting we create funnels, job descriptions, recruiters' kits and crms. We also develop hiring workshops to teach your management team how to work with recruitment and talents.
Evaluating employees and creating development plans
From abstract tasks such as evaluation and growth we organize a full-fledged process of understaing hard and soft skills, developing lists of competences and gradings systems. Later we come up with recommendations on how to become a better version of yourself. We also launch performance reviews and help them to develop and bring results to a company.
Training and uniting top-management team
To make high-profiled people act as a team, to foster synergy and to help them build sustainable relations we work hard on understanding top management profiles, positions, mindsets and values and сonnecting them to each other.
Educating teams
Depending on the occasion, the situation and needs we develop individual educational programs exactly for your team. We engage, we find the most reliable and talented professionals and we create an environment of learning so that your people grow.

As we adjust to customer's business situation and needs, we also do many custom things — develop motivation and goal-setting systems, design onboarding. Chat with us to discuss details.