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If something goes wrong at work, tell us more and we'll help you.

Anyone can feel lost at workplace — it's difficult to evaluate, whether problems are on your side or something goes wrong with a company. We can help.

When it's most probably not you
It's absolutely normal to feel anxiety and frustration.
In personal life it can be solved with the help of a good therapist. But in workplace it can be difficult to go through it on your own. We are eager to help.
What can be the case?
I feel that in our company we miss a big goal, that people are losing motivation, me as well — but I'm not heard or supported
I became a leader but I don't have enough experience to manage people. I feel insecure and I don't know who can help me.
I need to give feedback to my boss but I can't find the right moment, or sometimes I feel that she doesn't understand me.
Help comes in three steps
Step 1. Share a problem with us
Describe the situation, provide details and state the main challenge you face. More information gives us more grounds to act.
Step 2. We'll read and research
We'll take time to get to know your case deeper.
Step 3. We'll act
Solution will come in one of the forms — most probably we'll develop a post on our channel (link) with advice and action plan. So make sure you're subscribed to see results. If we collect 3+ cases within the same company we may reach top-managers to discuss collaboration with TYPICAL to initiate more systematic and profound changes.
Everything is anonymous
Fact 01
Your request is in a protected CRM. Access to this CRM is strictly restricted to selected TYPICAL employees.
Fact 02
Reputation is one of our the main value propositions — we don't want anything to put it under risk.
Fact 03
Companies and employees regularly share stories with us — we have experience in keeping secrets.
Why we do it
TYPICAL is on the mission to develop work consciousness, opportunities and relationships and to enhance workplaces and atmospheres.

For that we educate, lluminate, develop content. This inspires companies to change. To accelerate growth of consiousness we need to see more issues and challenges that employees face at workplaces. To do that, we need to open our eyes and ears — listen and help.