We build teams (a group of players forming one side and delivering best results for companies and the world)
by implementing projects and consulting
by connecting companies with talents’ highest potential
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Stories about work done

With Resume.io __team we built team structure and hiring process__ for product managers and product designers to support their business scaling
Raiffeisen Bank
With Raiffeisen Bank we __held evaluation process and designed personal development plans__ for their product managers to take care of successors
With Rusprofile.ru we __built product team structure and hired__ product managers&product designer to provide growth and development for the new monetization model
We __developed hiring process__ for product managers and product designers for thyself, later we offered it to a number of clients
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Every single thing in a company is about talents and how they play together. The number of combinations is limitless, thus we craft each project for the client individually. Here is how we usually play.

Checking-up organization health
Based on 39 researches we designed a methodology that helps you receive an overview of how your company is doing and what can be enhanced
Building HR brand
Starting from deep research we develop Employer's Value Proposition, hr brand kit and create media-plan for fostering brand strength
Developing orgcharts
Whether you transform, grow or optimize we re-build your orgchart so that you have a tool that shows processes, hierarchies and people you need to hire
Evaluating employees and creating development plans
From abstract tasks such as evaluation and growth we build concrete responsibilies' cards,  grading scales and recommendations on how to become a better version of yourself.
Creating recruitment processes
To bring effectiveness and consistence to recruiting we create funnels, job descriptions, recruiters' kits and crms.
As we adjust to customer's business situation and needs, we also do many custom things — develop motivation and goal-setting systems, evaluate top managers, design onboarding. Chat with us to discuss details.


Instead of sales we do interesting things here


'What’s behind OKR?'

held in association with 15 companies that use OKR system; together with Pinkman design studio
Research x NFNG media

'Working in different team cultures'

in a cooperation with 9 companies of different sizes and cultures; together with NFNG media
Our Media

Telegram channel

Reflective and cooperative media in Telegram-channel, that makes you stop once in a while and think about your people and the company
Research x INC.

Organizational structures and ways to build them

With INC we researched a topic of organizational structures and ways to build them, might be useful for those who plan some changes and for those who think that paper based chart is quite O.K.
Research x RBC

‘Modern hr person position in the company’

With RBС we challenged the modern hr person position in the company — we started with prejudices and finished with the powerful picture of what hrs really can do
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We are happy to meet you for coffee or idea exchange in Moscow or Amsterdam.

Valeria Rozova
founder & business lead
Anastasia Minetto
co-founder & CEO
Daria Bond
communications lead
Anastasia Mashkina
doing research
Elizaveta Borozna
finance and accounting
by the way, We are looking for Content-Creator and Consultants to TYPICAL team. If this is you,
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