Do you really need a corporate party

Article X Snob
December 2019

Corporate parties are not only about glamour, celebrational drinks, and dances — they may help solve a business's inner problems and play a part in its success. With Snob, we analyzed whether they can be really helpful, what companies should toast them, and how to wine and dine introverted employees.

First, we found out what problems corporate parties solve: they reduce communication costs, help team members to get on track with each other, and better understand what is going on in the company. Meanwhile, leaders may watch a company's culture in action and distinguish employees' problems to solve. Second, we highlighted businesses that can invest in bonuses instead — for example, new startups and small companies with streamlined processes. Next, we presented companies that can make the most of such evenings — giant corporations and companies with poor HR metrics. Finally, we described why employees refuse to join the party and suggested such homy alternatives as CS.


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