How not-to-ruin hr brand by an improper interview

Article X Snob
February 2020

Rare records aside, Russian recruiting lacks the idea of a proper job interview. Without any background to rely on, talents rush for companies that don't fit their values, companies, in their turn, show pie-eyed hr-branding. Together with Snob, we analyze the notorious example of ManyChat and describe what should be done before employers and employees start singing along.

First, we recommend candidates to conduct researches on companies. We advise them to read public articles, study top managers' social profiles, talk to current or former employees, test products themselves, and ask bold questions about the brand. Second, we encourage talents to analyze companies' values and try them on. If they fit, there may be a match, if no — why waste time? Next, we share a guide on what to do if HR misbehaves, as it has happened with ManyChat — discriminates, ignores, devalues candidate's merits, and gives no explanation to non-admission. The HR department is a frontman of b-r-and, but that's not the case when scandal-ridden fame serves well — we explain how to tune recruiting up and hit the right note of professional ethic.


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