How to protect employees from burnouts

Article X Forbes
March 2021

In Russia, professional burnouts are not spoken about, but this doesn't make them less devastating — together with Forbes, we decided to be the change and discovered who experiences burnouts more often and why. Next, we made a guide on how to prevent and protect employees from burnouts, what to do if they are close or have already come.

We learned that project consultants, freelancers, employees of agencies and studios are burnouts' primary victims. They face these difficult conditions because they feel no connection with the product while working on several projects simultaneously. Meanwhile, short-term tasks, high customer expectations, and strict deadlines call them tight. To save them from the disease, we developed a plan: companies need to spend time setting global goals, creating a sense of community, and teaching the team to work with customers. Then, we described rad flags to prevent — missed deadlines, decreased work activity, and frequent requests for extra days off. Suppose it's too late to take safety precautions. In that case, employees' stress still can be decreased — they should be convinced that they can ask direct questions and receive timely feedback, psychologists are at their disposal, while failures at work have nothing to do with their individualities.


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