How to protect yourself during the layoff

Article X Snob
May 2020

Сrisis boosted illegal and unethical layoffs — instead of striking strategies for earnings, companies try to make ends meet by sacrificing employees. People either take it for granted or want to act, but don’t know their rights and who can help them.

We teamed up with Snob and lawyer Kira Streltsova and revealed such reasons for layoffs as shortfalls, recruitment mistakes, and strategy switches. Next, we made a guide on how to tell valid employer-initiated firing from fake mutual consent, no to buy into pleas of quitting voluntarily, and what to do if summary dismissal comes out of the blue. Then, we explained how brands suffer from unlawful discharge and what categories of employees are legally resistant to it. Finally, we gave tips on enhancing the labor code with professional ethics to get the last dance with compensation and take up a new job without a hitch.


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