On the intersection of code and business

Article X RBC
November 2019

Startups grow broadways — product managers take the job market over. With RBC, we investigated what makes the profession this hot, discovered what activities, skills, and money it is about. Next, we explained how to understand if a company needs a product manager, made a checklist to distinguish a fit candidate, and draw up a KPI plan.

We discovered that product managers promote themselves by controlling the product development process and telling about their work in blogs. Brand's success directly relates to their hard and soft skills. The former include analytics, product design, and structural analysis, the latter —autonomy, leadership, and communication. Depending on their level, product managers earn from 90 to 700 thousand rubles monthly. To determine whether your company will benefit from such investments — we advise you to define the business objectives and select candidates with a high level of English, outstanding technical skills, and confident international b2b, sales, strategy, and people management experience. As for KPI, we recommend grounding it on either financial results or user satisfaction — the approach depends on the product's level.


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