Organizational structures are more than documents

Article X Inc.
June 2021

Organizational structures are more than documents — if reasonably applied, they whip companies into shape — that's what we've proven together with INC.

In our research, we divided organizational structures into the most and the least adaptable ones and identified their main types — linear, divisional, and matrix. Next, we explained that all these types have their benefits and match different companies. Then, we described why organizational structures are worth thinking about — they help build connections, focus on goals and analyze why people leave. Further, we distinguished why organizational shifts are par for the course after strategy switches. Finally, we made a guide on how to make changes wisely and what mistakes to avoid.

The article will be useful for those people, who want to change organizational structure or is already in the middle of the process. You can avoid common mistakes and get to know best practices, that will make transformation more smooth.


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